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UAR Media Training for researchers – the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of animal research

February 27, 2017

Aim of the day

To rehearse being interviewed on camera so that participants are competent and confident to talk about their research on TV and radio.

Session information

Television news programmes often try to include information about the research behind potential medical breakthroughs in their reports, and animal research has often played an important part in such breakthroughs. This session will prepare researchers to be filmed for a pre-recorded ‘clip’ in a larger news package. It will not prepare you for a live appearance on Newsnight or the Today Programme, but will enable you to talk about your own work to a mass-media audience.

All participants will be filmed and will receive feedback on their presentation during the day, so this workshop is limited to six participants.

Course notes and other supporting materials will be made available to participants online after the workshop.

Refreshments: Provided


Hodgkin Huxley House