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Tecniplast, world leading company in the Lab Animal Industry since 1949, designs, manufactures and distributes patented equipment for vivariums. We offer the most complete related product portfolio ranging from IVC (Individually Ventilated Cages) systems, Bio containment and Bio exclusion IVCs, IVC monitoring, Analysis Systems, Aquatic solutions, Laminar Flow, Cage and Rack washers, Bedding Handling and Disposal systems, Decontamination and Automation, as well as a complete range of Accessories. Tecniplast has recently launched on the market the first Digital Ventilated Cage (DVC®), enhancing the threshold in animal welfare, in users ergonomics and in management of Animal Lab Facilities.

Our constant investments in tooling, technologies, automation, production capabilities, stock availability, staff recruitment & training, the ISO certifications for quality , ISO9001, and environmental sustainability, ISO 14001 and ISO14006 for ecodesign, together with the management systems certifications, are a clear evidence of our commitment to provide customers with the most complete, reliable and relevant range of products.

We offer all-embracing solutions and services in Product Design, Ergonomic Planning, Environmental Responsibility, Space Planning, LEAN Audits and Budgetary Evolution. We support clients in installation, training and service with a direct presence in Italy, USA, France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan and China, and worldwide with a network of nearly 70 international representatives.

Tecniplast is committed as a contributor to a better society, investing time and efforts to promote the values that make us a center of excellence for Social Responsibility. We strive to achieve minimum environmental impact, while targeting also to Customer Satisfaction and good working condition for collaborators. Thus, as a tangible acknowledgment for these efforts, Tecniplast received the WCA certificate for the optimal working conditions of our employees. Our final aim is to produce environmentally-friendly products adopting ethical criteria, respecting human rights and the environment.